Astral Projection #3 — I Feel So Alive

‘Everything looked like it consisted of tiny vibrating crystals.’

This morning around 5:30 AM, I had my third OBE. I woke up, and it felt like a good opportunity again, after having experienced my second OBE only a few hours before. I quickly fell into a trance state where I felt some pleasant vibrations. My body started to feel heavier, yet lighter at the same time. I started counting up to stay conscious. 1… 2… 3… 4… and I fell asleep for a split second. Immediately after, I felt my body floating upwards. I stood up next to my bed and started moving forward.

Progress! During my previous projections, I had difficulty moving my body. As I stood there, I instantly remembered that I had to take in every detail to get a clear sight and more consciousness, so I did. I looked at things and felt objects as I floated through my house. My vision became much sharper, but it wasn’t just my vision that improved. It was like all of my senses woke up in a completely different way. I felt slight vibrations as I touched things, and everything looked like it consisted of tiny vibrating crystals when I looked closely. This time, I passed through my door instead of opening it first. It was like going through every layer of the door and experiencing it with all my senses. I could see the paint and wood inside. Eventually, I think I went outside and floated off somewhere, yet this is where my memories stopped. I must have lost consciousness here.

The aliveness I felt during this particular experience is something I can hardly forget. It was as if I could see and feel every single molecule. I made some progress moving my body and taking in details of the surroundings. Though I have noticed that I don’t use my sense of hearing, smell or taste during OBEs yet, and touch is limited as well. I use mostly sight and inner awareness/inner knowing.

Again, the experience was still quite short. I have no memories of what came after I left my house. I think this is because I simply forgot. I think what happened is that I fell into a long dream state right after the OBE. After my first OBE, I woke up quite fast afterwards (only after a limited dream time). Yet my second and third OBEs happened earlier in the night/morning, and I had at least one or two hours of sleep and dreams right after them. This might have made me forget most of the experience.

Regardless, I’m very happy with my experiences. I have been working hard, and it has paid off. I think it is time for me to set some goals to have some direction during my projections. For now, having more out-of-body experiences and resolving memory issues are top priorities. I think goal setting can help with giving me some more motivation and thus better-remembered experiences.

Again, Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!



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