Lucid Dream #1 — My First Lucid Dream

‘I felt myself waking up inside the dream.’

Recently I have been diving deeper into the subject of lucid dreams, as this can act as a gateway to astral projection. Besides that, it is a wonderful tool of its own for self-exploration. I was already somewhat familiar with lucid dreaming, as it occurred several times before in the past. Yet I never managed to do it at will. I figured that this could be a good option for me to try, as I remember almost every dream I have. For years I have been writing them down in a journal, and I see recurring patterns in them. These patterns can work as a trigger for a reality check (am I dreaming?), which in turn makes you aware of the fact that you are dreaming. This means you can actually control your dream and do anything you want, isn’t that amazing?

So I have been doing daily reality checks for about a week until I experienced my first self induced lucid dream this morning. To my surprise, this was way faster than I expected. How did I do it? I recognized one of my dream signs and became conscious that I was in a dream. I didn’t even have to perform a reality check.

It started out with a regular dream, where I was being chased by a man. This is a recurring dream theme for me, and this made me question my reality. He followed me through a hotel, so I hid in the elevator. When the elevator stopped, I ran out into a hotel room and sat on a bed. This is the point where I fully realized I was dreaming. I was already suspecting it, but sitting on the bed made it complete. This probably has to do with the fact that as soon as I wake up in the morning, I perform a reality check. So my bed is a place where I question my reality often.

So there I was, sitting on a hotel bed. I felt myself waking up inside the dream. It was as if some kind of haze faded. I didn’t do a reality check, because it was so obvious. I looked around, and I saw a man sitting in the room with me. It was the man who was chasing me before. But this time I didn’t feel the urge to run from him. I said to him: “Wow, I’m so happy!” I saw him smile vaguely. “And you are happy too! Do you know why? Because I’m happy, and you are me!” He smiled but said nothing back and avoided eye contact. I could tell he was happy, but I also saw that he was thinking hard and was confused.

I looked around and tried to feel as many things with my hands as possible to stabilize the dream. I walked out of the room to a beautiful roof terrace where people were sitting at tables, having food and drinks. The place looked lovely and was full of plants and many small lights. It was covered by glass, almost like a greenhouse. I saw my uncle sitting there, and he looked back at me. He looked exactly like him! I walked over to the glass wall, which had a door, and tried to open it, but I couldn’t. It was as if the whole dream setting suddenly became jelly-like. I could feel the dream was less stable now, and I almost lost lucidity.

Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and said: “That’s not possible!” It was the man who was chasing me before. I felt suffocated and wanted to get out of his grip. I yelled: “Don’t touch me! I’m the boss here, and you’re a pig!” I’m not sure why I said that, but it was the first thing that came to mind. By saying this, I hoped he would turn into a cute and harmless piglet, but it didn’t work. However, the man sat down on the ground and made himself really small by holding his own legs. Almost like a child does when he’s sad. I didn’t exactly know what to do now, so I decided to leave him there. I wasn’t as lucid as at the beginning of the dream, so I just walked to the next glass door I saw, pulled it open and jumped off the building.

I had read that this was a method to go from a lucid dream into an astral projection. I felt my body fall and spin, but I saw nothing. Everything was black. I felt my astral body slowly rise up, but instead of projecting, I ended up in another lucid dream! Wow. The exact same setting. But before I had the chance to do anything, my alarm went off. I woke up really happy!

This was the first time I ever looked at the man in my dreams, as I’m usually too busy running away from him. And even when his face is visible, I can’t really make out who it is. The man seemed familiar to me, but I didn’t recognize him. Regardless, I did not feel any fear for him. I knew it was a dream and that I was in control. Even when I lost some lucidity, and he attacked me again, I was not afraid. This is such a relief for me as these dreams are often very unpleasant for me. Besides the fact that lucid dreams are a gateway to astral projection, they might also be the cure to my recurring nightmares!

I’m very grateful for this experience and can’t wait for more! Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment!



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